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Bakery tools every passionate baker should have

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It does not matter if you are new to baking, or you want to give an upgrade to your kitchen, you have to check the list of essential tools, every baker needs in their kitchen. The majority of people inherit the passion for baking from their family, but they do not invest in professional baking tools, because they consider that they can replace them with equipment they already have in their kitchen. However, if you want to take your passion to the next level, and transform it into a business, then you should know that it is crucial to have the right equipment. If you take a look on the equipment professional stores list, you will notice that there are hundreds of baking equipments, and every one of them seems essential for baking. The fact is that they are designed for specific purposes, and you do not need all of them from the beginning. According to what you want to bake, you will purchase the needed tools in time, because the majority of bakers build their collection over years.

Kitchen Stand Mixer

A kitchen stand mixer is one of the essential tools you need, because for almost every cake you will prepare, you will have to use it. Anyone who bakes needs a stand mixer, and if you want to make things easier for you, then you should purchase a modern model. You should invest in one that has 10 speeds and it is able to knead, mix and whip. Yes, you have the possibility to use a hand mixer, but if you want to prepare a larger quantity of sweets, then this one will ensure you have the perfect smooth mix, with a simple push of a button. This one will be more expensive than a hand mixer, but it is definitely worth.

Baking pan sets

If you do not have bake ware, you are not able to cook. Therefore, you should get online and browse through the items professional websites offer. You should invest in pans like cake pans, loaf pans, baking sheets and pie plates. These are essential to have from the beginning, in time you will buy other ones according to your needs.

Oven thermometer

The majority of bakers simply love their oven thermometers because this is the safest way to know the temperature inside the oven. If you do not have a new oven, then you can expect for the temperature it shows to be inaccurate. For example, if you need to set the oven at 350ºF, you are not sure if the temperature inside would really be 350ºF, so you have to check it with the thermometer. If you put the cake in the oven at the incorrect temperature, then you will ruin it and you simply waste the money you have spent on the ingredients and the hours to read and understand the recipe. Oven thermometers are the best solution you have, and they are not even expensive, so you should make sure that you order one, when you order the other kitchen equipment.