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Best Countertop Water Filters for the Kitchen

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The best way to ensure that the water you drink and use for cooking is safe, free of impurities and harmful contaminants, it’s essential to invest in a good-quality countertop water filter. There are plenty of models available on the market but not all countertop filters are so efficient. In this article, we’ve gathered a list of some of the best countertop water filters that can be installed in the kitchen.

New Wave Enviro

According to many water purifier reviews, this filter delivers an excellent performance when dealing with a wide range of contaminants. Ths countertop water filter has many impressive features to help you fight major water pollutants. One of its best features is the replaceable 10 stage filter that is designed to remove harmful contaminants, like chlorine, heavy metals, lead, giardia and many more. In addition, it will therefore remove bad odors that are mainly caused by chlorine and it also improves the taste of water. The New Wave Enviro is very easy to install. All you have to is follow the basic instructions and make sure that everything is secured.

Brondell H2O+

The Brondell H20 features a sleek design and an efficient technology, namely the triple filtration technology. This countertop water filter includes a Nanotrap filter, a carbon block filter and a Composite Plus filter. The triple filtration system is highly beneficial, because this way you rest assured knowing that the water is filtered more efficiently. This water filter is designed to remove harmful contaminants and chemicals, herbicides, microorganism and more.

Home Master Jr. F2

If you have a small kitchen and not enough place on the counter to place a countertop water filter, know that they are also plenty of compact water systems, like the Home Master. The Home Master Jr. F2 is highly efficient at removing contaminants, chemicals and all sorts of microorganism that can harm your health and give water a bad taste. The advanced multi-stage filter is specially designed to clear all of these contaminants and remove bad odors and tastes as well. What makes this water filter so popular is the fact that it’s very compact, so it doesn’t take a lot of space on the countertop.

Watts 500315

Our forth and final choice for today is the Watts 500315. We like this water filter because it’s portable, so it’s easier to place from one place to another. For instance, you can use it at home, in your kitchen or in camper or RB. Another advantage lies in the fact that it’s easy to set up; it connect directly to the kitchen faucet via a diverter valve. Furthermore, the coconut shell carbon filter was created to ensure that all chemicals are entirely eliminated from the drinking water.

These are our top choices in terms of countertop filters. Nevertheless, what we might find useful may not be the right choice for you, especially since different filters are designed for different contaminants. So, we advise you to do a chemical test of your tap water and analyze several water purifier reviews in order to find one suitable for the types of contaminants that you are dealing with.