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Bringing Ribbons into Your Kitchen

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Many people think that interior design is really all about buying rugs and choosing paintings. Well, once they take on such a project, they soon come to realize that there are quite a few changes one can bring to a property. In fact, a dedicated expert will often tell you that beauty comes from the simplest things, those that are already there, but you just cannot manage to see. Interior design is all about discovering that beauty in all the rooms of the house, including the kitchen. You might be surprised when hearing about the changes one can make if using small or large ribbons around the kitchen.

Spices and ribbons

This is probably the simplest way you could make use of bows in the kitchen. Spices are placed in glass jars. For a vintage, stylish appearance, you should wrap the jars with ribbons of various colours. For instance, you could choose the ribbon based on the spice jar you intend to apply it on. For pepper, buy a red ribbon, for salt a white one and so on. With a dedicated provider on your side, you should have no problems in finding just the right item for each spice jar.

Marking drawers

Organization and structure are important in all kitchens, especially in those that are regularly used. You have to move quickly when cooking, knowing exactly where items can be found. Make a system of your own based on ribbons. For example, mark the drawer in which the cutlery is placed with a metal grey ribbon and the ones with all the teabags and coffee types with a bow having a matching pattern. Once you think of a system of this kind, it will not only work, but it will look good as well. Also, if you happen to have children, you could ask them for their help in designing the system and make a family event out of decorating the kitchen, an experience you will surely remember.


Curtains, kitchen stools and cutlery

If you have set out to decorate your kitchen with bows and ribbons, then you might as well give a bit of unity to the entire space. This means that you have to plant bows here and there, making sure that the kitchen will finally gain that vintage feminine look. Wrap the curtains with ribbons and decorate stools and chairs with them. Also, separate the cutlery pieces by using bows, tie the knives the spoons and the forks separately with different ribbons. The effect will most likely surprise you. Simple things might not seem like much, but the effect is always impressive.

Ribbons can have multiple uses, one of them being as you could see, to decorate kitchens. It is very important to do things correctly without exaggerating. You have to know when something is too much and when it is enough. You might want to check a dedicated interior design magazine to have some clue about how things should look like in the end, of course, if you do not have a picture in mind. Still, when it comes to your home, you are in charge, so follow your instinct at all times.