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Canvas prints: the modern decorating style for kitchens

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The beauty of the interior design field is its ever-changing nature. With its new, fresh design ideas, this field certainly does a great job when it comes to surprising its followers. Just when you thought you had everything figured out, trends change and you are back to square one. It’ true that the living room was theoretically designed as the family room. Somehow it happened that the kitchen quickly took this part. As you know, most families come together in the morning the afternoon and at dinner in the kitchen, exchanging ideas, plans or simply making small talk. This is actually the reason for which so many designers are more focused on adequately arranging the kitchen and then passing on to other rooms in the house. Canvas prints are very in right now. In fact, they seem to stand as a new form of decorating, used by designers in all parts of the world. As long as these are professionally made, canvases can turn any simple room to one that belongs in interior design magazines. So, if you are interested in such prints, here is how you could integrate them in your kitchen.

Welcoming canvases for guests


If you have indeed decided to use canvases for your kitchen, you need to pick a few of them that are truly fun to look at. When going shopping for prints, you will quickly discover that options do come in a phenomenal number. You don’t have to buy too many, as you wouldn’t want to overcrowd the walls of your room. So, be demanding when it comes to prints. Choose those that are of a high quality, as apart from your family members these prints should impress and welcome your guests. So choose those state of the art canvases. For instance, if you go for actual photos of food, pick those that are highly convincing. So, the first rule of playing with prints in the kitchen is to be picky and choose those that are fun to look at.


Where to place them?

This is quite a challenge, as placing prints in the kitchen is not the easiest task, especially if you are using the kitchen. It is recommended not to place canvases close to the cooking area, as they might get ruined. Instead, you could place one or two, depending on their size above the kitchen door or on the sides. This way, these won’t pass unnoticed. Also, if you have a countertop placed next to the wall and not in the middle of the room, then you could hang a few canvases there. It’s true, these might have to be of a small size.


How to place prints on walls

You might think that the answer to this question is pretty obvious, but this in when the unsteady nature of interior design hits you right in the back of the head. You could traditionally place them directly on the wall, using a nail or you could hang them.  Some canvases, especially those that hold a message or have a more vintage design do look better hanged on walls, but it is merely a question perspective. The other method that seems to suit a great number of interior designers these days is putting up shelves on which you will place the prints. Indeed, the print shelves seem to be highly popular and everyone has embraced the idea. You should consider it if you should happen to have a larger empty wall in the kitchen.


So, do give canvases a try in the kitchen, as you will instantly fall in love with the overall effect