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Choose Bildermann’s bamboo flooring for your beloved kitchen

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The hottest trend in kitchen design nowadays is bamboo flooring, which is seen as a good alternative to hardwood flooring. Even though it is practically a grass, bamboo is stronger than any other types of wood, being thus incredibly durable. The point is that if you want a kitchen floor that will withstand traffic and make a good impression on you guests, then Bildermann’s bamboo floors are what you need. Now you do not even have to go to a flooring store to buy what you want. To locate the very best bamboo kitchen flooring, you should visit bildermanns.com and get access to some of the most beautiful products and you can request to have the tiles delivered to your home. So, when you are carrying out a renovation project, consider buying from Bildermann’s Flooring.

What exactly is bamboo flooring?

Even though bamboo may look like wood, it is actually a type of grass. This plant is the fastest growing one on Earth, growing even faster than hardwood. The stalks of bamboo only need a few years to reach maturity, while a tree matures in a couple of decades. Even though surprisingly some species of bamboo grow up in 50 years, the vast majority of the trees mature in 5 or 6 years. Which is the results? Bamboo floors are highly textured having visible spaces between the stems. Nonetheless, bamboo flooring has to be processed in order to be usable. The plant is sliced into strips of desired widths and after that boiled in a solution of acid.

Things you should know

Bamboo does grow at a rapid pace, but its most important characteristic is its strength. You may be surprised to find out that bamboo floors are extremely durable, but they are. The durability of the floors is not in the plant itself, but rather in the placement and the materials that are added. The stacks of bamboo are placed in cross-direction so that they can be tightly integrated with adhesives. The type of bamboo matters as well. Later-harvested bamboo will definitely last you longer than younger one. In order to clean the floors you will have to sweep, vacuum and regularly wipe the surface using a damp mop.

Explaining why bamboo is so popular

What bamboo kitchen flooring does is allow you to bring the beauty of the outdoor inside your kitchen. The flooring looks exactly like hardwood, the only difference being that it adds an exotic touch. The good news is that you do not have to worry that he floors will not match your color scheme because Bildermann’s Flooring provides you the opportunity of selecting any shade or hue that you like. You can either choose the natural look or you can opt for something a little bit different, such as stained colors. But the true reason why so many people prefer bamboo floors is that they are environmentally-friendly. Not only does the plant regenerate itself after cutting, but it has nothing to do with pesticides and harmful chemicals.

Description: Bildermann’s bamboo floors are strong enough to withstand kitchen traffic and they will make a good impression. We are committed to selling you the highest-quality flooring on the market, so buy with confidence.