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Choose the most suitable wood for your kitchen’s floor

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Decorating and arranging a kitchen may seem easy, as compared to a living room, for instance, but if you take a closer look, you will see that this is not quite true. The kitchen is the place where you must have everything organized and where you can even receive some of the guests, in case there is enough room. You have to consider comfort, utility and also maintenance, which is why choosing a material for the floor is not as simple as it seems, especially if you take into consideration that nowadays there are a lot of options from which you can choose. This can be overwhelming, but if you keep in mind some relevant criteria, your job of selecting the best flooring alternative for your kitchen will get much easier. The floors in your kitchen are likely to be damages faster: you are always walking around the table or stove, stains can appear at any moment, and spilled liquids can become a real problem. For this reason, you should consider in investing in some long lasting materials, and hardwood seems to be the best option. Of course, pricing is an important criterion, but there are many companies offering discount hardwood flooring Ottawa, so just take a look on the offers and you will be able to get the highest quality at the most affordable prices.

Being the room with the highest traffic in the house, the kitchen needs durable and easy to maintain floor that should also be resistant to frequent cleaning. Try to choose a finish that will not deteriorate from too much vacuuming and moping, such as the varnished one (it is very pretentious), but rather one that will look natural. Instead of varnish or oil-base finishes, choose a water-base: while the first ones gat scratched in no time and fade away easily, the last one does not change the wood’s color and can be easily restored in case it starts looking bad. The sheen is another important element for a hardwood floor, and you should know that there are many degrees available: from low-shine to high-gloss. For the kitchen, the best choice is a lower degree of gloss, because this will hide dirt and food remaining. As far as the wood species is concerned, since you will need a resistant floor, you should go for oak, maple or cherry, because softer materials like pine will definitely slit, regardless their finish. Choose something that will hide small stains and will be easy to clean – taking all these criteria into consideration, the most popular option seems to be oak.

No matter the type of floor you choose in the end, make sure you maintain and clean it correctly, using soft cloths and special agents. Vacuum at least once a week, dust and mop every time you consider necessary and do not let grime accumulate, because it will be harder to remove. Spills should not be left unwiped, especially the greasy ones, because they will penetrate the floor and it will be impossible for you to take them out.