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Choosing a swim spa – what options are available on the market

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It does not matter if you are living in a house or apartment, installing a swim spa may seem to you a great idea, considering the many benefits it comes with. Having a hot tub at home helps you relax after a busy day at the office. Studies show that if you soak into a hot tub in the evening it can help you improve sleep and you will have to deal with fewer disruptions during night. Also, if someone in your family is dealing with anxiety and stress, they will notice a decrease of anxiety if they spend time in a hot tub. If you are dealing with chronic and arthritic pain then you should not think twice before asking a company as SpaCity.co.uk to install you a hot tub. Hot tubs reduce inflammation in your sensitive joins, and they bring many other benefits to your health, so if you are looking for a natural remedy, this might be the perfect one. Below you will find a list of types of swim spas available on the market at the present moment.

Swim spas with one volume of water

Hot tubs with counter currents in one volume of water are quite popular nowadays, because they offer you the possibility to move from the counter current to the spa without having to get out of the swim spa. These tubs are perfect for large families and groups, because they can seat from 5 to 6 persons, and you have plenty of space for swimwear. But, you should know that if you opt for this type of tub the water the water temperature will not be good for both swimming and relaxing at the same time. If you want to relax by soaking in the hot tub, the temperature of the water has to be 37C, but this temperature is too hot if you want to swim. You will have to prioritise your use of them.

Hot tubs with two volumes of water

Both the swimming pool and the spa are located in the same unit, but they feature two separate volumes of water. This types of pools allow you adjust the swimming temperature down to 28C, and in this way you can spend your time swimming, But, if you want to relax after swimming, or before sleep, you can slide over the wall and soak into the warmer water. Every one of the volumes has independent filtration and heating, and you decide if you want to use only the hot tub or also the swimming one.

Outdoor hot tubs

If you have a house, you may want to install the hot tub outdoors. In this case, you should check the market for seeing what options you have, because different providers offer different models. You can choose tubs designed for families with children, to Jacuzzi tubs that are perfect for persons who want to spend time with their friends. According to the number of persons who will soak into the tub, and the features you want, you can find numerous models for sale online.