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Choosing the best kitchen worktop for your needs

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When choosing your kitchen worktop, there are several elements that should be taken into consideration. You should always think about your budget as well as the material you want to choose, because there are many colours and textures available on the market. Fortunately, companies that offer kitchen worktops Essex offer their clients everything they need to have the kitchen they have always dreamed of. To this extent, this is what you should know about worktops:


Templating – an important part of kitchen remodelling

You should think of how you want your kitchen to look before you order your worktop, because it will need to be fitted to the various work surfaces. Some companies cut the template from the factory, others wait for their clients to decide where they want to place their sink and everything else, so it might take a while before everything is in place. Try to be practical and choose a template that will work best for your needs.



Granite worktops are very popular these days because of their beauty and durability. In addition, granite is great for those who love to make pastry, as its cold surface helps maintain the ingredients to a low temperature, a key factor in pastry making. Since granite is a natural stone, you might find certain differences in the samples your provider showed you and what you receive at home. However, everything will look beautiful and you will be thrilled by your choice.



This is an excellent alternative to granite and since it is a man-made granite, you will enjoy a better colour consistency and even features such as anti-bacterial protection. In addition, unlike natural granite which can be prone to stains if it is not properly sealed, with quartz you will not have to worry about this problem. Of course, this does not mean that you should not use chopping boards, as it will help you maintain its beauty for a longer time.



Marble worktops have a special beauty, but they also require special care and maintenance. You should definitely take your time and do some research on how to maintain marble countertops, to be prepared if you really want this option or if you should look for something else.



Some people prefer wood countertops for their kitchens, but you should keep in mind that this will also be a material that will need extra maintenance. Wood does not do well with moisture and while wooden countertops are professionally treated to withstand moisture, you should still make sure you keep it relatively dry.