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Cottage Style Kitchens

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If you are looking for some exemplifications for the cottage style kitchens then you landed on the right page. What style should the kitchen appliances have? The refrigerator, the dishwasher and the coffee maker must fit into the background and not ruin the cozy atmosphere of the cottage kitchen.


All these kitchens are small sized and coquettish. Let’s take a look at what type of furniture it’s usually used in the cottage style kitchens. It inspires simplicity and functionality. The appliances that fit best in here are the retro style appliances. This type pf furniture would look good in combination with some models of Elmira refrigerators and stoves. Usually the cottage style is not compatible with sharp looking decor. The simple old retro appliances are more appropriate.


The atmosphere in the kitchen must reflect the personality of the masters of the house. The cottage style kitchens make you want to cook many delicious dishes and share them with your friends and family. People who have cute kitchens like to make surprises. They have warm hearts in which they can draw true happiness and they are not selfish. All the appliances can be deposited on the countertop. The mixer, the coffee maker and the kettle give the feeling that the home is inhabited by fresh and blood people who like to use their kitchen everyday. However, if these appliances are too modern, they might ruin the overall cottage vibe. When you are looking for a new coffee maker, our advice would be to read the best reviews and pick a model whose features satisfy your needs and whose design can blend into your overall kitchen design. It can be very hard to find coffee makers that will fit a cottage interior design. However, there are some retro models in pastel shades that might work. You should read the best reviews every time you want to buy a new appliance, whether it is a coffee maker or a dishwasher.


The cottage style kitchens inspires a special mood to the people. If you are in the position of a guest and the host receives you in the kitchen then you can be sure of one thing: that person likes to talk, eat and drink at the same time. They cannot stay dry for too much long and they like to offer some snacks, cocktails or even to invite you to have the meal with them. You will prepare the dishes quickly because all the appliances are within reach.

Decorative objects

All these kitchens must have decorative objects or someone might think that the masters of the house have already start to pack in order to move into another house! The decorations may be vases with flowers, appliances, green plants or textile napkins. They usually are not simple at all, instead they have different unrepeatable patterns.


All these kitchens must have some wood elements. It may be the floor, the cupboards, some kitchen tables or all of them! The kitchen cabinets must not look sharp and polished but rather old.

We hope that you have enjoyed these cottage home decor ideas. If you want to discover other interior design styles that can help you give your kitchen a new look simply click here. When researching various decorating styles, remember to stick to a main theme, otherwise you risk ruining your home’s interior design altogether.