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Delicious foods that help with mental health

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Treating anxiety and depression can be like solving a difficult puzzle. Although seeking therapy and treatment are the first step to getting better, they are sometimes not enough to heal completely. As long as your lifestyle isn’t as healthy as possible and you do not find the time for self-love and self-care, you might still find it hard to cope with depression symptoms and feel overwhelmed by your job or personal life.

Often neglected in the fight against mental illness, nutrition is extremely important and you shouldn’t forget to stock up your fridge with healthy, nutrient-rich foods that put you in a good mood and give your body the healthy fuel it needs.

So, whether you want to make a new diet plan or you’re just looking for a few healthy snack ideas while you’re listening to your favorite podcast, these are the foods you should stock up on:

Nuts and seeds

Put down that bag of crisps, because it’s not doing your mental health any good. Instead, switch to a healthier, more nutritious, but equally delicious option: nuts and seeds. Chia seeds and Brazil nuts are a good source of vitamin E, selenium and omega 3, which sustain your wellbeing and help you stay focused. For even better results, mix them with organic Greek yoghurt, which supports healthy gut bacteria.

Salmon and veggies

Most of us eat high-fat potato and steak meals almost every day without realizing that not only do they lead to weight gain, but also to a bad state of mind. But you don’t necessarily have to go full vegan if you don’t want to. Instead, you can get inspiration from the diet that supermodels swear by: salmon and veggies.

Healthy sweets replacements

Relying on sweets such as biscuits, ice-creams and milk chocolate to satisfy your sugar cravings can throw you in a downward spiral if you struggle with anxiety or depression, because the chemical reactions that sugar cause in your body trigger mood swings and panic attacks. The same goes for fizzy drinks with a high sugar content, which make you feel agitated at first and then make you feel tired and gloomy once the sugar rush wears off. Instead, eat a couple of pieces of dark chocolate or, better yet, a handful of fruits. Pomegranate and berries are the favorites of mental health practitioners, thanks to their high fiber and digestive enzyme content.