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Design Your Own Kitchen Layout

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Here are the most commonly used kitchen layouts that can serve you as an inspiration source. Do you remember those nice kitchens that your friends have? Probably you cannot remember all their details so you can imitate them but you remember the good feeling that you had once you entered their kitchen. It was like the forces of feng shui and beauty hit you right in your face! There may be times when you cannot find inspiration when you want to design your own kitchen layout so here you can find a pretty exhaustive list. The layout of your kitchen is the most important component of its design. You have several layout options: the one-wall layout, the galley, the U-shape, the G-shape and the L-shape. Except for the G-shape layout, all the others are compatible with an extra island if you want to add some more counter space in your kitchen.

It’s not difficult at all to design your own kitchen layout. Depending on the size of your kitchen and on how much space your kitchen appliances and cupboards occupy, you can figure out what is the best solution for you.

One-Wall Layout

The one-wall layout is a very common kitchen layout that fits great for small kitchens. All the cupboards and appliances are arranged on the same wall. The sink, the refrigerator and the range take up a lot of the space of a single wall that’s why it may be difficult to find enough undivided counter space. The setup of an island in the middle of your kitchen could be a great thing and could give you a larger work surface.

Galley Layout

If you have a small kitchen and you have in mind the word “efficiency” when you design your own kitchen layout then the galley layout would be the most appropriate for you. All the kitchen appliances are arranged on two parallel walls. From the functionality perspective all the kitchens restaurants are arranged following this type of layout.

U-shaped Layout

The U-shaped kitchen is a great kitchen layout for a chef. You will have everything you need within your reach. This layout will make your kitchen look very kitchenish. You can let the sink on the middle wall since it’s the most functional item in the kitchen. You can make it even more functional by adding an island for extra counter space.

G-shaped Layout

The G-shaped kitchen layout looks very similar with the U-shaped kitchen layout & island except for the fact that the island is connected to one of the side walls. It’s the best layout if you are looking for maximizing the space in your kitchen.

L-shaped Layout

The L-shaped kitchen is a very popular and comfortable option for many people. It’s fit for open space and it offers accessibility. For extra functionality add an island to this layout.