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Enhancing poolside ambiance – tips and tricks

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Owning a pool is definitely something fun. It is nice to have people around hanging out, calling your friends for a swim or organizing water activities is very entertaining, especially during hot summer days. This means that if you have enough space in your back yard, the best thing you could do is start searching for a company specialised in pool construction in Richmond Hill. Once you have the construction done, you should consider taking care of the poolside space – after all, there is where people will also spend a lot of time whether we are speaking about a family gathering or an actual party. A lot of house owners tend to neglect this space, but you should not be one of them. Remember that landscaping is what makes the outdoors really beautiful and appealing, so try to enhance the area and make the most out of this part of your property. Create a comfortable ambiance and a genuine oasis, using these simple ideas:

Play with lights

Creating a certain mood by the means of proper lighting is quite simple and efficient. If you want the poolside to feel welcoming and inviting, make sure you use the right type and amount of illumination. When it comes to outdoor spaces, lighting comes in a wide variety of forms: spotlights, lighthouses, bulbs hung around with strings and so on. This may sound as if you are getting ready for Christmas, but it will actually make the area look fairy, charming and elegant throughout the year. Add a touch of elegance with neat lamps, bring a bit of the Hawaiian influence through beautiful tiki torches and try some in ground spots, for a mysterious effect. As you can see, there are plenty of options for you to choose the one that suits best your landscaping ideas.

Water particularities

If you have ever visited a luxurious hotel, you have probably noticed that their pools are not only about neat plain waters. Instead, designers have created diverse features to entertain swimmers and passers-by. Look for inspiration and do not be afraid to be eccentric: gentle cascades, small waterfalls or shooting fountains are only some of the things you can do if you dare for more. Add some texture to the water and try to use it as a decorative element rather than just the place where people can dive and swim. This will make it way more fun for those who visit your pool, not to mention it will not cost you too much money as you will not have to purchase extra products.

Use fire

This may sound odd, but it is actually the best solution both in terms of design and in terms of functionality. If you are planning to host pool parties, keep in mind these may last until dusk. This means temperatures may get lower and you have to invest in some heating solutions. For this reason, fire is the perfect choice: it will add a touch of elegance, warming up the atmosphere, both figuratively and literally.