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Grow Your Indoor Kitchen Herb Garden

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Let’s say you have decided to stop stealing your neighbors’ rosemary and basil and you want to start growing your own herbs. There are many benefits for having your indoor kitchen herb garden. First of all you will be sure that from now on the herbs that you will be using for preparing your delicious dishes are organic herbs. Unfortunately it’s not a surprise anymore that the pollution nowadays has reached high rates nor the pesticides are spread all over our fruits and vegetables, even herbs. That’s why it would be better to try to raise our own indoor kitchen herb garden. If gardening is one of your hobbies then you will love the organic gardening. It’s a type of gardening that allows you to be a little more healthy.

Is it that simple?

Yes, it is that simple. Just think about what kind of herbs you would like to grow at home and make them grow roots! You can have Rosemary, Oregano, Marjoram, Mint, Parsley, Sage, Thyme or even Chives. Think about what are your regular cooking needs and try to compensate some of their ingredients with some healthy cooking alternative options.

Your organic herbs will be happier if they can make you healthier!

If you think that you may find it difficult to cut them after you have spent so much time growing them then instead think about how delicious your food will be if you cook them together. You may want to talk respectfully about your herb garden and even personalize your plants. Whatever you do just keep in mind that your herb garden will be happy if it can make you healthy.

But where will you put it?

First of all you must find a space for your future indoor kitchen herb garden. You must find a space that has natural light for at least 4 hours a day. One of the best places where you can put them is in your kitchen so they can be closer to fulfilling their goal in life, which is to make your food healthier! They constitute a nice kitchen decor that will enlighten your sight every time you will look at it.

Show them your love by giving them plenty of water!

Like any other plants you must water them periodically. Some of your organic herbs might need a lot of water, some not. If you have installed a water filter system in your house you can truly nourish them and make them truly organic.