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Holiday Decorations Ideas for the Kitchen

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It is not difficult to create a festive atmosphere inside the home during holidays, as long as you make use of your ingenuity and crafting sensibility. The kitchen is oftentimes the central location during festivities such as the Christmas party, because the family gathers around the table filled with goodies and spends a good deal of time eating and catching up with each other. Ting the cutlery with a lovely ribbon for instance will create a beautiful effect without taking you much time or effort. Even if the extended family comes in visit and you place your table in the living room where you have more space, you will still need to pay extra attention to the kitchen décor. When decorating the kitchen for the holidays, you only need to pay attention to a few elements and combine décor ideas seamlessly.

How to decorate the windows

Decorating the windows of your kitchen is fairly easy. You only need to attach ribbons to the top of the window. The ribbons will hand in the centre and you will be able to tie various holiday ornaments to it. You can complete this décor by placing small pots of flowers at the end of each ribbon, which in turn can be wrapped in the same ribbon.

Setting up the lighting

If you have a chandelier in your kitchen, you can place a garland around it. You can purchase a garland from the market or you can make your own with ribbon and hot glue. You can use sparkling lights as well. You can also directly hang ribbons from the branches of the chandelier. The length should be fit depending on the distance to the table. Make sure the ribbon reaches the table surface, but does not hinder your table setting.

Embellishing the chairs

Your plain chairs can become central pieces of decoration during holidays. You can change the cushions to something more suitable for the festive season and make use of a large ribbon to tie a beautiful bow at the back of each chair. You can also attach ribbon to the edges of the chairs with hot glue.

Creating festive table settings

The table setting must be perfect during the Christmas party. You can use various motifs and ideas, but you should make sure to choose something that blends perfectly with the other kitchen decorations. It is important to start with creating the centerpiece, because everything else will depend on it.