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How to combine the oriental and the modern style

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Once you have your own house, transforming it into a home and styling it according to your preferences and personality becomes your main preoccupation. The space must look fashionable yet be comfortable and practical, so making a choice will not be easy. While some people go for a minimalist style, extremely popular nowadays, most people would like a merger between the modern style and the traditional or oriental one. This is actually a wise decision, if you think about the fact that each of them has its own particularities and benefits. The minimalist style looks simple and elegant, while the oriental inspiration will bring a touch of sophistication, luxury and colour to your home. You may consider that such a combination is not possible or cannot be successful, but if you look for inspiration and think about all the details, the results will be amazing. Even if the two styles may seem completely different, you will see that combining them is not that complicated and the outcome will be extremely aesthetic.

To begin with, you have to choose the main pieces of furniture for your house, because these will dictate the manner in which you style the smaller decorative pieces. You can go for a solid colour sofa (whether it is black, white or grey), belonging to the minimal design, but pair it with an oriental carpet. Lately, patterned traditional rugs are in great demand and represent the main element of a successful living room, even if you are a fan of simple things. A vintage carpet will create the perfect contrast with the simplicity of the living room couch, which makes it perfect even for a modern space. If you want to add some colour to your home, you can simply add some bright coloured blankets or pieces of fabric on the arm chairs. This will make the perfect detail if you do not want the rooms to look rigid and cold. In addition to this, you could also use cushions of various shapes and colours – an oriental print (such as flowers or vivid mixtures) will bring an exotic air. Furthermore, if you have a coffee table, you can also place the cushions directly on the ground – this is very common for people in oriental countries (China or Japan), who ages ago were not used to sitting on chairs. What they did was kneeling and sitting on the ground, on a special mat or cushion. As far as wall art is concerned, you can go for large paintings of flowers or nature inspired scenes, combined with a neutral colour of the walls (white, tan, grey or even pale blue or pink).


If you want to create an intimate and welcoming space, you should start purchasing some Asian inspired ornaments. Look for online stores, such as arcticoriental.com and order the most original items, which will help you mix minimalism and traditionalism. Oriental decorations and furniture will blend beautifully with a simple interior, making it a bit more vivid, pleasant and relaxing.