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How to decorate a small kitchen in a smart way

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Women spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Nowadays flats are getting smaller and smaller, so the size of the kitchen is decreasing. A limited space is a challenge because besides functionality we have to take into consideration the aesthetic appearance too. These smart tips will help you have a beautiful and functional kitchen with a low budget.


Use ribbons in an unconventional

Ribbons are not only used in wrapping presents and wedding bouquets. In many flats, the kitchen is part of the living room. If you dislike the idea of open space, you can delimit the living room and the kitchen with UK ribbons attached to the ceiling like a curtain. It is an economical and creative choice you can carry into effect in order to create a barrier between the two rooms.

The colour of the kitchen furniture is very important

In order to create the illusion of  space always use bright, pale colours like white, grey, beige, or pale yellow that give the impression of open space. White furniture and appliances will give your small kitchen a fresh air. Avoid dark colours, unless we are talking about the floor or certain accessories in your kitchen. If too much white seems monotonous, you can add a touch of colour by choosing a colourful rug for example.

Folding chairs and table to save space

If you have a small kitchen, the idea is to create space, so you can move around easily. Choose folding table and chairs that you can remove easily when they are not necessary. Use suspended kitchen cabinets and shelves to create space to deposit your utensils.

Pots are not meant to be only in cabinets

Women have many accessories not only when it comes to fashion. Most of the housewives have a lot of spoons, forks, pans, pots and the list continues. If they do not fit inside the furniture, you can place pots and pans on a wall using special folders. A wall like that can save a lot of space.

Lighting has an important meaning

Lighting is important when it comes to give your kitchen more space. Natural light should fill this space; this is why you have to make sure you use a transparent curtain. Use warm tones of light and avoid the cold tones.

Arranging a small kitchen is not as hard as it seems, especially if you take into account these useful tips. Without low costs, you can have a functional and organised kitchen and a nice, modern place where you can store all the things that you need.