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How to Design an Italian Style Kitchen

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The Italian style kitchen inspires warmth and beauty. Depending on what period of time we refer to, the Italian kitchen designs may differentiate one from another. The Italian style has always been beautiful and meaningful no matter the time period we refer to. It’s not a beauty without a soul, it’s meaningful and it characterizes the personality of the person who arranged it in a certain way.

Rustic accents

If you want to obtain an Italian kitchen design from the past then you must respect the following recipe: simple wood finished cupboards with hand-made tablecloths, attention for details, warm colors, pots and pans hung by the ceiling, yellow walls, little square tiles and red and white stripes pattern napkins.

Ceiling beams with simple colors and attention for details and patterns

This is a lovely kitchen in which any coffee maker would easily fit. After all, you can’t have a nice Italian kitchen without a good espresso machine. Nevertheless, not all espresso machines would suit this type of design. As you probably know the Italians are recognized for their particular exigent tastes especially for the food they eat for breakfast. Any breakfast prepared in this kitchen will have a marvelous taste. A few identical beautiful twigs baskets will give warmth to any Italian style kitchen. The cupboard handles belong to the Renaissance style. They are made of beautifully curved slim wrought iron. All the kitchen gadgets, accessories and appliances can be let unraveled on the countertop as close to the wall as possible.

Particular for the Italian style kitchen is also the little indoor garden of spices. We all know that the Mediterranean food is characterized by olive oil and many spices. Why? Because Italians grow plants and cook them, that’s why!

Ceiling beams, warm colors and Renaissance style cook hood

The always present ceiling beams in combination with the elegant lovely cupboards patterns form a contrast that inspires coziness, the idea of home and belonging. The central piece is the Renaissance style cook hood that is positioned in the middle of the wall. Pots and pans are positioned over the island kitchen. We all know that some of the greatest chefs in this world are Italians. A kitchen island provides extra work space so the chef has enough room to work his magic while preparing the famous Italian pizza dough or handmade pastas.

Ceiling beams, warm colors, green flowers and light tables

The Italian style inspires suppleness, flexibility, elegance and lightness and good taste all in the same time. The beauty lies in the attention to details, simplicity and repetitive curves.