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How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

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The kitchen is one of the loveliest rooms in your house! The only disadvantage is that if you are not careful and get too lazy it can get dirty in no time.

The “You make it dirty, you clean it now” rule

The key for how to keep your kitchen clean is to make sure that every person who regularly use it leaves all the things just like they were before. It a very simple common sense rule that everyone should respect it. Even if it’s for the kitchen in your home or your friends’ kitchen, after you do a mess it’s an absolutely normal thing to clean it afterwards. Who does it, cleans it. It’s easier to maintain order and cleanliness in your kitchen all the time than to clean it from the scratch. It means that if you make it dirty you must wash it, fold it, put it back from where you took it. Women tend to involve more in organizing the kitchen. They are the ones that usually have the last word for deciding the kitchen layout, what kitchen appliances to buy and how to arrange them. The woman in the house is the master of her kitchen that’s why you must obey respectfully her rules.

The exception for the “You make it dirty, you clean it now” rule

Like any rule that human made in this world, the rule “you make it dirty, you clean it” has an exception also. It doesn’t apply when a person gets the kitchen dirty for more persons, not only for himself. If possible those other persons who enjoy the benefits should have enough common sense to offer their help for cleaning the mess. That’s why when we go to a friend’s home we may find ourselves asking him if he needs help with cleaning the dishes.

Tips for how to keep your kitchen clean

A clean kitchen means little probability for you to get sick. You must always wash the worktops before you start preparing the food. Keeping the knives, tongs, spatulas, wooden spoons clean can help you diminish the probability for the bacteria to spread over the food. There are many bacterias that get stuck in the porous chopping board. That’s why it’s important to clean it properly with hot water and soap. Wash your hands regularly and especially before you start to prepare your meal. Every time a plate gets dirty you should wash it immediately in order to keep the sink clean all the time. If you have a dishwasher then you first have to trash the big pieces of food and then put the plates in your dishwasher.

If you have problems with mold you can use a dehumidifier to help you reduce the moisture level in the air and to create the unfavorable environmental conditions for the mold to appear again. In fact, according to the latest dehumidifier critic reviews, this device is sort of indispensable in any kitchen. Excess humidity gathers on your furniture, your appliances and your walls. Humid spaces turn into magnets for dust which turns into dirt when combined with moist.

Even if your cooker hood is very good, you will always have excess humidity in the kitchen. Make sure to read some customer dehumidifier reviews before investing in a particular dehumidifier model. Customer dehumidifier reviews can help you see beyond technical specification lists to the actual pros and cons of a product.