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How to tell if you have a leaking pipe in the kitchen

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As a homeowner, you know that pipe issues could transform in real headaches if you do not discover them in time. In the majority of cases you have to call an expert to deal with the issues, and you also have to change the installation or certain parts of it, and this can be quite expensive. It does not matter if the pipes from your kitchen are root-clogged, frozen or leaking, addressing the issue would take you a lot of time, and you would find it a disturbing thing. What you have to understand is that not all the pipe leaks are equal, and in case the installation from your kitchen features a small one, it might be hard to find it, or you might not even notice it. A small leak from your kitchen can lead to a major damage to your entire house, so if you have no idea how to find it, you can hire a company specialised in leaking pipe detection Northern Ireland.

Take a napkin test

When it comes to kitchen pipes they are located out of sight, and this means that if they feature a leak, it would get unnoticed for a long period of time. During this time, it might cause damage to the sink base, floor and even sink frame. Test the installation for leaks with a dry napkin. You only have to wipe the connections between the sink, and in case you notice that it becomes wet, it means that you have a small leak.

Use a water meter

This is a simple way you can check the pipes. You should ask your family members to not use any water outside or inside the house. Check the water meter if it indicates any moves, because this means that you have a leak on the installation. You can also check it by taking a meter reading and wait a couple of hours, during which you do not use water and read it again, to see if there are any changes.

Ask professional check the pipes

Professionals could tell you if you have a leaking pipe in your kitchen, because they have the right equipment to test the installation, and they have experience in doing it. Also, they could help you repair the leak, and prevent other one from evolving, because they can identify the cause which leads to this issue.