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Ideas for Blending Appliances in Rustic Kitchen Designs

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If you like rustic kitchen designs then probably you should take a look at some design tricks that will make your kitchen appliances blend easily in your kitchen decor. Sometimes you may find it difficult to combine the latest generation appliances with a rustic background, but there’s nothing impossible in this world as long as you have the patience to find the best solution for it.

Color match

The eye is the first who tells when something doesn’t blend as it should. The eye can be easily fooled by matching the color of your kitchen appliances with the dominant colors of the kitchen decor. That’s why it’s easier to buy some appliances after you have already decided for the kitchen decor that you want to have at home.

Little carpets

Adding some carpets in your kitchen can cheer up the atmosphere and this will allow you to easily blend all the desired appliances in the kitchen. The more colorful they are the better they will look. The eye will be visually distracted and the decorating style field perceived by the brain will get wider. The key for combining modern appliances with rustic home decor is to not let only these two dominant styles inside the room. You must add a third element that will break the heavy contrast between them, an element that wouldn’t match to any one separately. If you feel like your father’s kitchen could use some improvements, getting him some carpets for this Father’s Day could be exactly the idea you were looking for. Online stores such as great-fathers-day-gifts.com offer their customers everything they need at very good rates.

Don’t leave too many appliances facades uncovered

If you prefer the rustic kitchen designs then stick to one like that and let it remain the dominant style in the room. Sometimes the stainless steel facades of some appliances may ruin the rustic apparel of the room. If the refrigerator, the range, the dishwasher or the stove look too modern then it’s better to have them covered following the identical cupboard pattern so they will pass unnoticed. One morning you will open a kitchen cupboard and find a freezing cold compartment with frozen yogurts instead of your pots. However, if you are remodeling from scratch and you are also investing in new appliances, you could check out some dishwasher reviews and find the best 2017 dishwasher with a rustic design that will blend in your overall kitchen style so that you don’t have to hide it. The appliances that look stylish and expensive must be let as they are. For example, a big range in the middle of a rustic kitchen may even look appealing.

Kitchen cabinets

All the rustic kitchen designs have in common the kitchen cabinets that look a little bit old. The little appliances that cannot be covered can be put inside the kitchen cabinets. Keep your countertop clear by storing everything in your cupboards. It doesn’t matter if they are glass window cupboards or wood window cupboards. Any object that has a different style design will appear rustic if it’s framed by a rustic wood finish cupboard window.