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Innovative decoration ideas for your kitchen

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After purchasing a house, the next step is always decorating it. People think a lot about how to paint their walls, which are the items they need in their living room and how to choose the perfect bed, but decorating the kitchen is also a real struggle, especially for those who like cooking and spend a lot of time here. Taking into consideration that the utility of this room cannot be disputable, and you are somehow obliged to spend a lot of time here, the space should be used in an efficient manner, but you should also create a pleasant atmosphere. For this reason, when you start furnishing and decorating the kitchen you have to keep in mind that the result must be a functional, yet classy room. For those who have a small kitchen, using the space in the most efficient manner is highly important. If you are among these ones, the best thing you can do is use as much as you can verticality: place one cabinet over another, many shelves, and opt for narrow pieces of furniture. In addition to this, for the illusion of a wider area, paint the walls in soft colours (dusty pink, baby blue or beige and cream) and try to use open cabinets and light shades.

When it comes to this room, many people consider it should mainly have a functional role, so as far as decorations are concerned, these can be used with moderation. However, since you must spend a lot of time here preparing meals, and you may even receive some guests in this room, the kitchen must be a lively and enjoyable place to stay. So after you establish the main pieces of furniture, just think about some details which will transform the space into the ideal socializing environment. You can look for small ribbons for sale, baskets, decorative candles and nice storage containers for spices and aromatic plants. Even if you go for pastel tones, make sure you bring in some colour, unless you want the space to look dull: place a huge vase with colourful flowers, choose a patterned tablecloth and make room for a small green space. If you live in a flat, you can even have a small garden, where you can grow the plants you constantly use in the kitchen. If the area also includes a dining space, use this to your advantage and bring added value to the atmosphere with some elegant details: wrap beautiful ribbon around the chairs, and adorn the table setting with bows, printed napkins or anything you find suitable.

Another innovative idea is using baskets or boxes as storage space for cutlery, spices, plastic bags or anything you keep in the kitchen. Besides the efficient use of space, make sure you have everything organized, at its place, nit only because it will be way easier for you to find something the moment you need it, but also because this will create a nice impression to those who visit you.