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Interior design stories: decorating the three most important rooms

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Everyone has a soft spot for interior design and mostly because of what it stands for. By means of this great art, you could have the home of your dreams, which could be elegant, sophisticated, comfortable, basically any way you please. This is the beauty of interior design. You can play with it as much as you like turn into something that is yours and yours alone, as long as you stay within the rules. So, to get better acquainted with the world of interior design and decorations, here are a few rules on how to properly furnish three of the most important rooms in the house, the kitchen, the bedroom and the office. The reason for which these are thought to be of a great importance in any household refers to the time spent in these rooms as opposed to the dining or living rooms.


The office: place of work

When trying to figure out the right way of decorating this space, you need to think of its purpose. The office is there to provide you with a room in which you can work, create and feel comfortable while taking difficult decisions. Therefore, the atmosphere you are looking for is a serious one to which you add some of your personality. You need the reflection of office in the world of interior design, which is of course the Eames lounge chair.  Check out dedicated websites like www.f75.co.uk and see a few replicas. Also, you need a desk. The type, form and design of the desk depend on your field of operations. For instance for creative jobs, modern looking desks would be an option, while traditional jobs require classic looking ones, preferable made from hardwood.


The kitchen: a home for the entire family

This is one space that is simply a delight to decorate, especially for women. The market is rich in all kinds of small things that can be put to great use in the kitchen. The golden rule is to combine style with functionality. You must remember that this is where all the cooking will take place. So, always keep the cooking area free of all unnecessary items. Also, if space permits, try to set up an island in the middle of the room to do the dishes or prepare the food or even to eat. This island can have various uses, being highly practical. Go for something simple in terms of style, so whenever you have the urge to change something it won’t be very difficult to do so.


The bedroom: a place of comfort and peace

This is the room in which you will be spending most of your time, so this has to reflect your personality best. Thus, when having to decorate it, designers won’t hurry to offer you too many pieces of advice. However, one thing they will tell you is to try, if possible, not to overcrowd the room. The bedroom should be an open space, with plenty of natural lighting, Furthermore, light colours are preferred, for the same reason of course, that of giving the impression of a wide space.