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Kitchen design trends you don’t want to miss

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This year brought some exquisite kitchen trends that are not only fashionable but also highly practical. Perhaps the biggest change of all was that the traditional kitchen design seems to have lost a lot of followers and modern elements are slowly making their way into the hearts of interior designers. The present trends seem to play on technology and functionality and we can see contrasts between crisp white surfaces and multi-colored accents. Read on if you’re curious to find out what they are.

Quartz counters are here to stay

This year, granite and quartz are the main materials used for countertops and they don’t seem to have a rival on the market. This is prevalent in as number of interior design magazines  – quartz surfaces more than any other material. The reason people prefer quartz is because it’s durable, low maintenance and it offers a slight shimmer to the countertop.

Bespoke shutters are the perfect addition to your kitchen

Modern design promotes kitchen upgrades that make your life easier. The great advantage you have when installing kitchen shutters is that they do not retain stains and cooking odours. You can also opt for shutters painted with a waterproof seal, so they will not be affected by moisture in the long term.

Extra deep storage is a must

If you have a small kitchen then you probably are in a continuous search for smart storage solutions. 2018 comes with kitchen designs that include deep storage spaces. This makes kitchen tasks effortless, because you can store all your pans and pots in one place. A deep drawer will not only keep them organized but it will also keep them within reach.

Great use of wood

There was a time when marble kitchen designs were promoted by magazines. Nowadays wooden elements for kitchens are all the rage. The use of wood is very popular and used not only in the kitchen, but all rooms of the house usually include wood items. Even with living room shutters, a natural wood finish is preferred. The latest kitchen trends promote wooden cabinetry and wooden finish floors, and of course is an environmentally friendly material.

Two-toned furniture

If you prefer suspended cabinets, then you should combine two tones to obtain a modern touch. The monochrome kitchen is boring – this year is all about mixing different shades. In 2018 you will see more kitchens with cabinets in two different colors, one for the ones hung on the walls and one for the base cabinets.