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Marquee kitchens – installation, uses and things to consider

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If you are planning an event that includes a festive meal and your venue is located outdoors, in a marquee, then you should also consider installing a temporary kitchen. This type of facilities is very popular for events taking place in a garden or park, because it provides organisers and guests the possibility to enjoy all the comfort and features of a traditional venue. However, in case you are considering this option, keep in mind that installing catering equipment inside such a tent may be tricky, so you need to collaborate with a professional marquee frame hire company. They will know what and how to do to keep the place safe and prevent any sort of unpleasant incidents. There is a wide variety of temporary kitchens you can choose from – all you have to do is analyse each option and see which alternative is the most suitable for you, in terms of expenses, capacity and so on.

Keep in mind that safety comes first

When it comes to cooking, you probably know there are multiple pieces of equipment necessary. The good news is that there are also plenty of accessories, tools and systems specially designed to be used inside a marquee, regardless its size. Of course, most people would say that a naked flame inside a glorified tent is extremely dangerous. However, if you make the right choice in terms of materials and providers, this should be your last concern. A dedicated marquee installation company has everything covered and can offer you the best options, completely fire-safe. No matter how big the event is, some constructions can be fitted with thousands of items and pieces of equipment able to work in proper safety conditions. Do not neglect any aspect related to safety, because these are all extremely important.

Common uses for temporary kitchens

Marquees are used for a wide selection of events and occasions. A mobile kitchen, however, is not something you will see every day. In spite of this, a lot of parties which involve festive meals and eating require such an installation, ideal for a large variety of occasions. Weddings, for instance, are sometimes organised outdoors, which is why the planners also need a place where cooks can prepare meals. Besides weddings, corporate hospitality, sporting events, private parties, summer balls or conference catering are also pretty common requests professional marquee installers deal with on a daily basis.

As you can see, organising a large event outdoors is not that complicated as long as you have a professional by your side. While some time ago, you had to worry about finding a nearby location or hiring a catering company to deliver the food for a garden party, now you can simple use marquee hire services and forget about this type of concerns. You get all the facilities and pieces of equipment you need close to the venue, so that your guests can enjoy fresh foods and have a great time at the party.