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Mobile storage systems – a practical solution for storing large volumes

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Mobile shelving technology has been around for about 50 years or so, but until recently people have not given it much consideration. Mobile storage systems can be defined as a practical solution for storing large volumes of material within a limited amount of space. If you are having trouble with managing space requirements, especially if you are in a lease environment, then a mobile shelving system will help you maximise space and increase safety in the workplace. The broiler racking is suitable for applications, such as architectural office, warehouses and document storage facilities. Whether you have a store room or an office setting, you will be able to make use of about 50% of the space.

A history that dates back 50 years  

The first functional mobile shelving unit ever built appeared in 1962 and after its introduction on the market, it changed everything. The reason why the rolling stack represented a revolution is that it offered people the possibility to save a larger amount of floor space. The design practically allowed them to use the aisles only when it was necessary and this is why the storage system is used to a high extent in archives, museums band offices. It is obvious that in time the model was improved. The storage system manufactured entirely from steel was fitted with a mechanical gearwheel drive chain and security systems were added as well.

Manual or electronic shelving?  

Mobile storage structures are made from a series of shelving runs that move parallel to one another and require only one operating isle. The reduction of the number of aisles results in operational and cost benefits. Contemporary mobile shelving comprises two types of systems: one that can be operated manually and one that is handled electronically. The manual storage structure includes a rotary handle on the exterior that operates a mechanism which propels the unit left or right. It is ideal for offices where there is the need to accommodate several stacks of files. On the other hand, the electronic structure uses small motors to move the unit, thus ensuring access to persons that have limited mobility.

Specific storage functions

The rolling stack eliminates the need for fixed aisles, which means that they are useful for people who are dealing with space constraints. The storage capacity of the floor is increased by at least 50%, but compared to lateral filling cabinets they increase your storage capacity up to 300%. If you accommodate smaller items like mobile phones, tablets or jewellery, then you need to secure the stock. Since the units are lockable, only you and certain members of the team are granted access. Last but not least, some rolling stack even have LED lights incorporated into the structure and they will illuminate only when the aisle is actually in use.


Rolling stacks are generally mounted, which means that they do not require additional building fixing and you even have the possibility of installing them on tile floors. The installation process is definitely fast, which means that you will not have to disrupt daily operations. If you want to tailor the storage solution to your floor requirements, then you should look for a company that offers design services. The vast majority of companies have experience with making bespoke products and answering even the most specific needs.