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Mold in your kitchen – take a look at its causes

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The kitchen is an important room in your house, because you prepare there the food for your family, and you spend there a lot of time. It is important to know that you eat your meals in a healthy place, and that the food you prepare is healthy. Sometimes, there is a small ‘guest” in your kitchen, which you are not able to see and that does a lot of harm to you and your family. Its name is mold and even if it is hiding, it is able to get into the food you prepare, or you can even inhale it. To be sure, that you avoid any type of mold allergy you should have a mold inspection in Toronto.

What causes mold in the kitchen

You should know that mold is a fungus that poses major problems if it appears in kitchens. Many people confuse mold and mildew, but there is a difference between these two. Mold is caused by raised humidity levels and mildew appears when mold overgrows. Mold appears in your kitchen if you have any water leaks. Kitchen surfaces are both hot and humid so it is the perfect place for mold to grow. Mold needs a place in which to grow, because it needs moisture and nutrients. When it has these conditions, it takes less than a day for it to grow, and if it grows in a dark place, then this is a dangerous situation, because you will not be able to detect it in time. The kitchen garbage disposal is an item that allows mold to grow, because there are placed rotting foods that allow rinse.

Tips to remove mold

If you want to prevent the occurrence of mold inside your kitchen, you should follow some simple tips. When you cook a dish for your family, you should turn the vents on, because in this way, you transfer humid air outside and this helps at preventing mold grow. From time to time, check for leaks in kitchen pipes and sinks. If you notice that humidity is high in your kitchen, you should use dehumidifiers, because these devices are manufactured to maintain optimum humidity and to remove moisture from the air. You can install a hygrometer in your kitchen to monitor the humidity. You should also open the doors and windows to improve circulation. You should pour 3 or 4 cups of vinegar in your garbage disposal once a week if you want to prevent the growth of mold.