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Properly using the space in your kitchen

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Looking for new methods to take advantage of the tiny space in your kitchen? You are in the right place. A small space does not always mean the room will be uncomfortable or inefficient – on the contrary – having everything close by will come in handy later. The main idea is to get organized and know where to place every single piece of furniture in order to get the best results. Don’t get discouraged! Optimizing a room is not a difficult task to complete. If you want to get fully convinced, try to visit this website and see how easily you can save space with the help of especially built items. Here’s what you can do:

Space around the door

A great way to save space is using the space around your door, which is often ignored. Simply creating shelves above and on the sides of your door will help getting things organized and easy to grab. It can be quite eye-catching too, because innovative designs always tend to impress. Try picking simple, white shelves and avoid glass. You can use the obtained storage space for placing your utensils, jars or cookbooks. Kitchen space is pretty difficult to manage keeping in mind that you have a lot of items to store and it has to look good too. That’s why you need to make good use of every empty wall you have. Try this and you will be amazed with the results.

Lifting up

When there is no more room on the ground, you lift everything up. From shelves to baskets and cutlery it can all be transformed into a levitating storage space. All you need to do is choose the space you want to fill and fix everything up to the wall or the existent furniture. This way, your countertop will remain free to use and the remaining space will be handled properly. For example, you can try hanging spoons, knives and everything cutlery related on a support placed underneath your furniture and above your working space. This way you can grab them easily and you won’t have to sacrifice one more drawer for them too.

Transforming furniture

There are several types of furniture that can change from a usual piece into something else, resulting in saving more space than you thought. For instance, extendable or folding tables can go from small four person tables to big dining tables for up to eight persons. Furniture that has this feature is recommended for small spaces because their utility is the same as the normal pieces big house owners select.


All in all, space is not an issue if you know how to handle the situation. If you still have trouble with managing storage and furniture, try consulting a specialist who will tell you exactly what to buy and what to do in order to take advantage of your room. Never get discouraged and enjoy the beautiful results you will get. A small space is actually a lot more comfortable to use than really large rooms, so consider yourself lucky.