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Pros and Cons to Start Cooking Food at Home

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The bad rep that fast food and food served in restaurants have gotten over the years is slowly turning more and more people to eating in. However, the convenience element is undeniable with eating out, but there are more than plenty of positives to home cooking that makes it worth the sacrifice. Before you decide in what direction you go when it comes to where you eat, balance all the pros and cons of cooking at home – you might be surprised at what you learn.

Pro #1 – It’s more convenient than you give it credit

One of the main reasons why people tend to stray from home cooking is that they find it hard. We are not going to lie and tell you that your meals will be perfect all the time, as some skill is required with certain foods, but you will gain it as time passes with the right directions from cookbooks and tutorials. However, in some cases, your involvement isn’t actually needed in the preparation process, and you can completely lack skill and make delicious tasting foods as there are more than enough appliances that basically do everything for you these days.

For example, back in the day, you couldn’t make great-tasting bread without getting your hands dirty and wasting hours upon hours baking it. These days, you can serve delicious, warm, homemade bread without actually lifting a finger, and you have the guarantee of consistency. This isn’t where it ends though, as there are other foods you can make without putting any effort into it, some of the examples that stand out including jams, doughnuts, ice cream, and more.

Pro #2 – Quality and freshness are guaranteed

It seems like each day there is a new story regarding food poisoning incidents related to eating out, and this is a result of poor quality ingredients, bad preparation, an unsanitary cooking environment, and so on. This is an issue that doesn’t exist when you cook your own food as you are ensured that the environment where you prepare it, your kitchen, is up to health and safety regulations as you keep it clean yourself. There’s the perk of knowing exactly what goes into your meals, the quality and freshness of the ingredients used, a perk that you won’t benefit from anywhere else.

Pro #3 – You save a lot of money in the long run

Let’s face it, no matter how convenient it might be to eat out, there is a lot of money thrown out the window with this action. You save that money when you cook at home as you buy the ingredients at a fair price, and you don’t pay a dime for sitting on a diner chair and having a professional cook prepare the course for you. For those who grow veggies and fruits in their gardens, eating becomes even cheaper as only a small part of the necessary ingredients are bought, the rest of them being homegrown. If you take up this practice at home, you end up literally saving thousands of dollars that you can spend on yourself, a vacation, or anything else your heart desires.

Pro #4 – When you get better at it, cooking becomes a relaxing hobby

If you’re not the type who gets easily frustrated or you learn to have a little patience with yourself, you will discover that cooking can become quite a relaxing hobby. As you gain this skill, you will learn to make new combinations, new tricks, and you will enjoy the time spent in the kitchen. It can be a fun experience, one that will help you relax and relieve stress after a day of work, so you shouldn’t underestimate the influence that home cooking has on your mental health.

Pro #5 – Spend quality time with your family

We don’t spend as much time as we would like with our loved ones – home cooking could partially fix this issue if you involve your entire family in the process. Take your wife, husband, kids, and parents, everyone who lives under the same roof as you do, and set tasks for each one. The meals will be prepared a lot faster, and you will all have fun together in the meanwhile, bonding through a surprisingly relaxing and rewarding activity.

Con #1 – You will indeed waste time

Regardless of how convenient home cooking has become due to modern appliances there is still a lot of personal time lost on the action. There’s also the fact that there are more than enough meals which require your involvement 100%, so you cannot rely on appliances for everything you prepare. If you prepare all 3 main courses of the day yourself, depending on what meals you plan on making, it could even take up as much as 3-4 hours of your free time as a total. Is it a sacrifice worth making? That’s only up to you to decide. However, do note that the wasted time fully depends on the cook’s skill level and the meals that are prepared, so in some cases, the process could take a lot less time.

Con #2 – It might not always taste as great as you would imagine

Especially true with beginners in the art of cooking, the resulting meals won’t always taste too great. If you are a newbie in the kitchen, don’t expect your risotto to be as flavor rich as it is at your favorite local diner, as you don’t have the necessary skills to prepare it as their professional cook does yet. You might also lack key ingredients that you disconsider as you don’t know their importance and impact on the food’s taste yet. This issue is, however, a fixable one. Just have patience and practice, take it slow at first, and use cookbooks and online tutorials step by step when you prepare the meals to reduce the chances of having to eat poor tasting food.