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Rainbows and kitchens: bringing colour in your home

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Who ever said that interior design is a strict domain, based on clear rules? This is one field that is built around the idea of creativity and personal taste. Only after you bring a great deal of creative ideas to the table will you need the rules of interior design to adequately arrange them. Now a distinction is worth making, designing a home is one thing and decorating is something else. However, they are equally important in accomplishing the purpose of having a beautiful home. Most people agree that bringing colour inside your house is the simplest way to embellish it. So, here are a few ideas by means of which you could decorate the kitchen. With just a few satin and organza ribbons, you could decorate this space in a cost effective and simple manner, without making use of any interior design rules.

Hiding colours

Playing with colours is so simple and fun, but unfortunately, kitchens that are decorated in a classic and traditional manner don’t exactly have room for colours. So what then? Do you simply forget about colours or think of a few alternatives to bring rainbows into your kitchen? Well, if you are thinking about the second option, here is one simple way of accomplishing your goal. Try tying ribbons around the cutlery and enjoy the rainbow only when opening the drawer. Do the same with glasses and teacups. You can apply this rule for whatever else you have deposited in your cabinets and you could even use a ribbon, simple or with a distinctive pattern.


Lovely flower arrangements

You might say that a flower arrangement doesn’t really need all that work to be embellished. It is already as beautiful as it can be. This might be true for the flower, but not for the vase. So find three separate vases and think three different colours. Take for instance violet, pink and fuchsia. Pick out a ribbon coming in each one of these colours. You could place the bows on the top or the bottom of the vases and the effect will be the same, stunning. By doing so, you have secured your kitchen with an amazing table arrangement, with or without a flower.


Curtain, chairs and doorknobs


A great way of incorporating colours in your kitchen and in subtle manner is by tying the curtains, for instance, with lovely looking bows. This way, you are letting the light come in and allowing your guests to enjoy the beautiful colours found on the ribbons. The doorknob, preferably the one inside the kitchen could very well have a bow tied to it and so would the top of the chairs. These might all sound to simple to actually have the expected effect. However, once you start putting these ideas into practice, you might just be surprised.


Don’t be afraid to play with colours, because these might grant you the best decorating project there is.