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Remodeling a kitchen to fit the 2019 design trends

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Planning to remodel your kitchen soon? You should take advantage of the predictions in terms of design trends that will be followed in 2019. Many designers and companies that work in this industry started to make assumptions regarding what’s going to be popular soon.

The hottest trends include the shiny metallic aspect for kitchen appliances and sinks, hammered finishes, 2pac paint finish for the walls and many more others. In terms of appliances, say goodbye to everything you knew about this topic. You no longer have to make the objects inside your kitchen match. Special finishes are now in the center of attention. Read more about these trends and others in this extensive article on kitchen interior design for 2019.

Bright, unique finishes

In the previous years, interior designers did everything they can to obtain a simple, clean look that contains monochromatic themes and simple finishes. Most of the finishes were inspired from nature and lots of kitchens based on elements such as wood or stone. 2019 is going to be all about unique finishes.

Both appliances and furniture are going to feature unique designs that don’t fit the norm. Colorful prints, metallic finishes, handmade patterns furniture – these should be the focal points of the following year. Keep an eye on the collections that interior design shops launched recently.

Colors, colors, colors

Monochromatic colors and neuter nuances are left behind in 2019. It is time to hire a residential home painting company and select brighter options. Accent colors that are opposing on the color palette, pastel nuances, and other similar options are in the center of attention next.

Make sure that the company you hire is aware of the current trends and does a good job. In case you want to select patterns or wallpapers, look for inspiration online. For a kitchen, you will want to include traditional tile in the cooking area. Besides the fact that it resists in time, it also protects your walls when cooking while being extremely good-looking and giving a special vibe to the room. Use pastel nuances for cabinets as well.

The dining area

For homes that don’t have a lot of space available, you should opt for a smaller dining area, to suit the needs of the number of people living there. For two persons, the dining area doesn’t have to be very spacious. Keep it minimal and use reconditioned furniture to give the kitchen a traditional aspect. Combining modern appliances with traditional furniture and bright colors can result in a beautiful effect.

The simple kitchens are no longer preferred by interior designers. Unique ones, with personal touches, are in vogue in 2019. Make sure you add a bit of your own personality when redecorating your kitchen. It is the one room you’ll spend much of your time in, so try to make it as comfortable as possible. Pay attention to details and keep reading more about the upcoming trends.