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Ribbon kitchen décor tips and ideas

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For special occasions or day-to-day life, we surely look forward to decorate your houses in the most appealing manner possible. Because of this, we are continuously searching for new, affordable ideas that could take us out of routine. Also, some of those are practical as well, not only very aesthetic. Everyday ribbons are great for such purposes, and purchasing them from great manufacturers and retailers will assure you that you’ll get great prices and deals for them. However, let’s see in which ways one could be using these simple elements for decorating their houses.

Kitchen utensils holders

If you use to store your kitchen utensils in a cabinet, we have an idea that will look amazing and will be practical as well. Invest in a couple of utensils hooks and some ribbons. Tie pieces of ribbon through each utensil’s holes and secure them well, then hang them on the hooks, in plain sight. Turn your kitchen into a colourful one with this simple trick.

Simple and affordable décor elements

We all love kink-knacks and pretty little items. They offer a ludic appearance to our home and they are great elements to integrate in kitchens. Consider wrapping your flower pots in diverse pieces of ribbons, in different colours and patterns. They will certainly make a great change. Also, simple décor elements could be created by using a large transparent bowl, some colourful glass spheres and some pieces of ribbons. Combine them all in your transparent bowl and place it somewhere where your space allows you to.

Prep up your kitchen cabinets

Ran out of ideas for your cabinets and you already cannot stand anymore their boring design? We have two ideas that you might enjoy quite a lot. The first idea is quite a simple one to put into practice. You only need several pieces of ribbons, even leftovers from your previous projects. Simply create bows from them and attach the to your cabinet’s holders. They will bring a little colour in your kitchen with minimum efforts. For our second idea you will need some longer pieces of ribbons in a pattern or design at your preference and a hot glue gun. Simple glue your pieces of ribbon you’re your cabinet’s edges and enjoy the compliments you will receive.

Follow these three simple ideas if you want to make your kitchen more practical and appealing!