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Small Kitchen Designs on a Budget

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You don’t have to spend a fortune in order to have a chic kitchen. Even with a large budget is easy to mess the apparel of your kitchen if you don’t respect a few design rules. If you respect them you can create small kitchen designs on a budget without making any compromise for the look of your kitchen. After all your aim is to make your kitchen look good and not necessarily spend much money for it.

Different tones of the same color or only one contrast

All the small kitchen designs on a budget are visually balanced, this is the principle that you want to apply. The colors that you will use in decorating your kitchen are very important. You can choose whatever color you like as long as you remain in the same color range for all the objects in that room. If you have an open kitchen – which is the case when your kitchen occupies only a little corner of your house – then you must make sure that the kitchen corner blends well with the rest of your home. The easiest way to make sure you respect that is to color your kitchen in the same manner as the rest of your house. If you cannot find kitchen items such as tables, cupboards and stools that have the same color then at least stick to only two different colors and only one contrast. Sometimes it’s nice to have a kitchenish contrast here. You can make the contrast with the walls of your kitchen. Scientists say that colors such as yellow, green and red influence our appetite. So why not go crazy and paint yourself some nice mint walls ? Or pistachio?

Use repetitive patterns

Having more than three repetitive patterns may make your kitchen look too cluttered. That’s why you must pay attention to three type of items: the cupboard handles, the decorative items in the open cupboards and the countertop. All the cupboard handles must look identical. All the small kitchen designs on a budget use this trick. It’s a very elegant way for your kitchen to shout that a kitchen-lover in the house paid attention for these details. The cupboard handles must belong to the same decorative style of the room. The decorative items in the open cupboards ideally must have the same color and must be arranged symmetrically. If you make sure that the countertop matches with another element in the room then you hit the jackpot. The countertop may match the suspended cupboards or the floor or the color of the walls, it’s up to you. Everything in the kitchen must be in pairs and not to be placed in bulk.