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Spring cleaning tips for your kitchen

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Your kitchen is a mess entirely and you have no idea where to start with cleaning it? Well, then you are in the exact right place to learn more about this topic and find some hacks to help you out completing this task faster than ever. Spring cleaning is something everyone is doing no matter what. Why not spicing things up a little and focusing on your kitchen which needs so many changes since forever? Read below a series of tips and tricks to help you out with brining your kitchen to light.

Choose storage units

The first thing that should pop into your head when cleaning around the house, especially when doing it properly, would be considering using a storage unit. Storage units are there to help you out with all the unnecessary things that lay around your house without a purpose, but you don’t want to throw them away because they might be useful to you at some point of your life. Storage units are there exactly to help you out with this deed. Simply look for a company which is offering services like these around your location and make sure they are handling all sorts of storage conditions. This way, you’ll free some space inside your kitchen and there will be room available for other furniture items you want to include in your kitchen’s design or other appliances you desire to buy.

This is the very first step towards a thorough cleaning, because you won’t feel like moving away things that inefficiently occupy space around the room. Yet, once you see that space freed up, you’ll be able to start cleaning around.

The ultimate checklist

You will have to make up a plan for cleaning your kitchen entirely without forgetting anything. This is the reason why a checklist will help you out track your cleaning progress. Here is an example that you might want to take into account:

  • Dusting moldings
  • Clear cobwebs from ceilings
  • Clean the blinds and curtains
  • Clean inside the refrigerator
  • Clean inside the oven
  • Wash inside the trash cans
  • Wipe down each door
  • Sanitize switch plates
  • Wipe down baseboards, cabinets, kitchen sink, appliances etc.

Use homemade cleaning products

All-natural cleaning became really popular during the last few years. Using what you already own around the house is ideal, since you won’t have to spend more money on cleaning products. They are as efficient as industrial cleaning products without being invasive at all. White vinegar, baking soda and tea tree oil combination is the enemy of all sorts of dirt around the kitchen. It is also appliances-safe, so don’t worry about this aspect either.

Liquid dish soap is always the first product one buys when going spring-cleaning shopping. What if there is a natural ingredient recipe for replacing it? Try warm distilled water combined with some white vinegar, a few tablespoons of kosher salt, lemon juice and essential oil of your preference. This liquid dish soap is also disinfectant