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Things that can deplete calcium store from your body

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For many years, a lot of misinformation about calcium has appeared that there is no wonder that people get either not enough calcium in their bodies or too much of the wrong kind. Unfortunately, most of this information comes from calcium supplements companies that wish to do whatever it takes to increase their number of customers buying their products. One of the best ways to eliminate the risk of going for the wrong company in such cases is to browse the internet for some AlgaeCal reviews and learn more about both the product and the right provider to choose. Calcium supplements are especially recommended when external factors contribute to depleting it from the body, so here are some examples.

Animal protein in high quantities

First things first, it is important to mention that the moment the body metabolizes animal protein, there are certain acids produced during the process and in order to remove them from the body, it is necessary to be buffered with calcium, which comes directly out of the bones. This means that the more animal protein you eat, the more calcium your body has to deplete from your bones, something that does not happen in the case of plant protein.

Eating too salty

Another factor that can influence calcium deficiency in your body is salt. If you eat too much salt, your body will excrete higher quantity of calcium in the urine, in which case you might want to consider either to reduce the salt quantity you add in the food you eat or to resort to calcium supplements.

Eating too much sugar

It is worth mentioning that not only salt can cause you lose calcium for your body, but also sugar. Excessive sugar can also increase the urinary excretion not only of calcium, but also of other important minerals from the body.


Believe it or not, caffeine can reduce the amount of calcium stored in your body and it does not even have to be in high quantities, since even modest amounts of caffeine can bring significant changes to your body and influence the loss of certain essential minerals from your bones.

Drinking too much alcohol

Another external factor that can influence the calcium store in your body is alcohol. Experts in the domain claim that drinking too much alcohol contributes to an increase in the excretion of calcium from the body and eventually inhibit its absorption. It is recommended to drink alcohol in moderate quantities in order to avoid any unpleasant situations from occurring.

Certain medications

Contrary to what most people believe, it can happen for some medications that your doctor prescribed you to affect calcium absorption in your body and also increase calcium excretion and some examples of such medications are antibiotics and antacids.

Overall, these are some of the most common external factors that can influence the amount of calcium stored in your bones. In order to make sure you maintain yourself healthy, you should consider resorting to calcium supplements, but be careful to select a professional and reliable provider.