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Three steps for choosing the perfect contractor

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Choosing a reputable contractor may involve some legal work that you are not used to, but it is necessary if you want to make the right decision. Since you are making an investment for your future, finding the perfect person is extremely important, so here are three simple steps you should follow if you want to avoid unpleasant surprises.


Make sure everything is in accordance with the law

After you make a research and select some potential candidates, make sure you look for credentials and use some preliminary criteria. For instance, it is extremely useful to look for credentials – whether you check the company or the personal background of the contractor, this can help you make the best choice. In the US, an important aspect for those who deliver individual services is to be registered and have an official license. They have to register for a license, attend some preparatory classes and then pass the MHIC Exam Preparation (Maryland Home Improvement Commission) and only after this, they will become licensed contractors. Accept only those who have attended specialized courses and passed a series of rigorous tests and have all the documentation up to date. Besides making sure they respect all these regulations and conditions, you should also check their recommendations and find out from their previous clients if they can deliver a quality and timely job. This is extremely important, especially if you need the final result in a certain timeframe.


Find out about work management and experience

Ask questions about their previous works and clients – the longer they have been in the field, the better. This means they have enough experience to offer you professional advice related to materials and design or any other additional recommendations. In addition to this, an experienced contractor will be able to make the best decisions on your behalf, in case they have to work without your supervision. Establish a way of working and a communication pattern: agree from the beginning on the means you will use, whether it is via email, phone or voicemail. If the contractor works in an organized manner, you will not be obliged to keep constant track on their activity, because they know what they are doing and when they have to achieve the final objective. In addition to this, you could also request a liability insurance, to make sure you do not have to pay for bad services.


Make it all official

After you choose the contractor you will be working with, take a look at their documents and see if they are legit. Read all the terms and conditions and you can even discuss about adding some new ones, if you think these are necessary. The manner in which the documents are drafted can show you if the person is a professional or not, so do not ignore any detail. It is mandatory for the agreement to include the time and payment schedule, the renovation plan, the reconstruction tasks, a potential warranty. These will all represent the guarantee that the final outcome is the expected one.