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Tips on How to Make Your Kitchen Eco-Friendly

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The kitchen consumes the highest quantity of energy because almost everything here is automated. Appliances such as dishwashers, microwave ovens and refrigerators consume a considerable amount of electricity in order to function. Much of it is actually wasted if the refrigerator stores only three of four bottles or cans. In the end, overconsumption is visible in the utility bill. Turning the kitchen into a somewhat environmentally friendly place with products ordered from ecochoicewindows.ca will not only help you save money by reducing energy consumption, but it will help you avoid overexposure to toxic chemicals. A green kitchen means more than actually eating green and consequently you have to do some redesigning if you want to save money and resources.

Energy-efficient stoves

The classic choice is between gas and electricity. The fact is that many professional chefs prefer to work with gas because they are able to control the temperatures more easily, not to mention the fact that it offers instant-on heat. Consequently, the user does not waste much heat once the cooking is finished. If you have your heart set on electricity, then you should purchase stoves with induction elements that automatically transfer the energy to the cooking pan. Induction cooktops are the latest innovation in green cooking because they literally reduce the normal cooking time to half. The only drawback with electricity is that induction elements require the use of metal cookware like steel and iron. When shopping for electric stoves, it is recommendable to search for energy-efficient models. Equally important is the fact that electric stoves are the healthier option as compared to gas stoves because they release fewer chemicals in the home.

Kitchen appliances

Eco-friendly appliances can help you reduce energy consumption up to 50 percent. Many manufacturers have green lines of appliances that provide the same results as traditional appliances, but without consuming energy when they are not used. Overall, green appliances are actually more efficient than traditional ones.  You need to choose a simple design that will last. Keep in mind to look for Energy Star rating that includes appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, freezers and dishwashers. In addition, get a smaller fridge because you do not really need all that extra space. Just store less in the fridge and this way you will save food because fruit and vegetables tend to rot faster in the fridge.

Eco windows

Many homeowners have resorted to replacing the old windows because they do not provide the necessary quantity of light. The latest trend in home renovation is to install large windows that allow the natural light to get in so that you won’t have to depend on the light bulb anymore. Energy efficient windows have the ability of making the most of solar energy. In other words, the heating effect of the sun considerably reduces the need of using the heater, as well as the fact that during summertime the space remains cooled. The composition and coating of the window contributes to the greenhouse effect as well. This is why it is advisable to opt for hard wood or aluminum frames.