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Tools and Utensils Necessary For Preparing Delicious Cocktails

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At first glance, cocktails seem pretty easy to make, but there are many things that could go wrong. In order not to waste any ingredients and to make sure that you will create a delicious cocktail, check out the cocktail recipes on allcocktails.net. However, the secret for making delicious cocktails lies in the tools and utensils that are of great help in any bar. You can find some of the items in your kitchen, while the rest can be bought at reasonable prices. Here are some of the most popular tools and utensils necessary for preparing tasty cocktails.

Cocktail shakers

Cocktail shakers are available on the market in different sizes, styles and colors. The shaker is composed of 3 parts. The bottom is a metallic glass which fits the drinks. The upper part is a drain strainer, which does not allow the pieces of ice to reach in the cocktail glass. The lid closes tightly and the shaker is used as a measurement when you want to create cocktails that require only the specific amount of ingredients.

Bar spoon

The bar spoon is long-handled spoon that is designed to reach the bottom of a mixing glass and is used to stir the ingredients. The bar spoon has a long handle that allows mixing drinks even in tall glasses. Also, the handle of some spoons ends with a disk that is particularly used to crush sugar and mint leaves.

Mortar and pestle

The mortar is a practical  kitchen item, usually made of wood, which is used to crush herbs or pieces of fruit. It is used in different delicious cocktails. It is useful for crushing cherries, pieces of lime, lemon or mint.


A strainer is probably the most important utensil in your kitchen. If you plan to make classy cocktails, like those served by a professional barman, this tool will be of great help. Use it to separate any pieces of fruit, herbs or ice.


If you want to make fresh and natural cocktails everyday, then a juicer is just what you need. If you own one of these products, you will be able to make the most fantastic fruity cocktails. A Pina Colada made with freshly squeezed pineapple juice is simply amazing.

Ice accessories

Ice is the essential key to making exotic and fresh cocktails. When it comes to making and serving a cocktail, ice buckets, tongs and crushers and other accessories, will definitely make your task easier.
Keep your drinks cold with the help of a stainless ice bucket, which is a must for every barman. The tongs will help you get the ice cubes easier, while the crushers or muddlers are the perfect tools for those who enjoy making Mojitos or Caipirinhas.


The blender is an essential element for preparing exotic cocktails. It is mainly used to blend mixtures of granules, liquids, powders, etc or mix and crush ice. However, avoid crushing the ice because it can damage the blades of the machine. Pound the ice beforehand by hitting them with a meat mallet after wrapping them in an ice pack or a cloth.

These are the essential tools that each bar should have. If you want to read some shopping tips regarding some of these tools, visit furnicology.com. On that website, you will also find buying guides for various appliances and other useful household items.