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Want to know how your swimming pool will be built?

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At present, concrete pools are considered to be the most durable choice on the market and this is the natural result of the fact that concrete is one of the strongest materials out there. A concrete water basin realized by pool builders Vaughan are incredibly versatile and can be accustomed to any shape and configuration and this is the reason for which this model is so popular. So do not waste more time and get installed the latest luxury in home renovations. After having got permission for renovation and measuring the yard, there are a few steps that any professional respects in order to build you your dream pool.

Excavation of the area  

Generally speaking the hole is dug a few centimeters deeper than the expected depth of the water tank due to the fact that it is necessary to save some space for the bottom of the basin and to be able to work. In addition to this, stakes are inserted into each corner of the swimming area. These stakes are no longer that 2 or 3 centimeters and are sharpened at the end in order to be inserted more easily. In order to be able to pour the concrete, the worker excavates the site with the use of a bulldozer that will also level the surface. The bottom of the site is smoothed with the use of sand or cement and this operation is destined to provide better support for the liner.

Putting in the plumbing system    

The plumbing system basically includes the installation of a drain that is placed at the bottom of the basin and additional structures that ensure the water flow. The pipe is usually dug under the panel wall and this is done by driving a hole in the panel and adjusting the position. Here the worker installs two plugs that are inserted directly into the main body of the drain. Furthermore, in order to prevent dirt from entering the drain, it is covered with duct tape. The pipe will be secured with the help of concrete that is poured right into the middle.

The steel frame

This operation is performed so as to create an outline for the swimming pool and in order to ensure stability. The sides and the bottom of the basin should be covered with steel rebar, which will act as a frame for the concrete that is poured and is destined to maintain the shape of the basin. The grid steel is usually placed in grid form so as to make it more permanent. In addition to this, there are specific rules that dictate the manner in which the rebar should be installed.

Pouring the concrete  

The concrete is poured either from a truck or using a method that is called gunite and which means that the cement is combined with sand and water and afterwards laid on the ground. The machine that applies the gunite can either be purchased from a concrete supplier or rented through a company. Last but not least, it is important the finish is applied in order to create a decorative surface and the materials used in this process can consist of tile, marble and even paint.

Next time you will see the men at work, you will know that it is not as easy to do it yourself.