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What does your plumber do to unclog your sink drains?

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Clogged kitchen drains are the most common plumbing problems that homeowners have to deal with. Most kitchen duct clogs occur when dirt and debris. Let us not forget about the cooking materials and components. Magazines and websites recommend unclogging the kitchen ducts with vinegar and baking soda. Yet, using vinegar and baking soda to clear sluggish drains is not a good idea. This combination does not fight grease. When it comes to blocked drain clearance in London, call a plumber. A professional can solve your problem in a timely manner and the price they charge is reasonable. Are you curious to find out how a plumber unclogs your sink drains? If yes, keep on reading.

Initial inspection: Taking a look

Obviously, your kitchen drain pipes will need to be inspected. Until the specialist comes, put a bucket to catch the leaking water. The cause of the blockage is difficult to determine, but not impossible. With the help of a video camera, the plumbing company sees the drains in real detail. The video camera travels through the sewer and even around the corners. The close-up video allows the professional to determine the condition of the inside of the ducts and to identify any potential problem. Another way to check the pipes is to see how the water runs.

Using the drain snake

If the problem could have been solved with a plunger, then it was not necessary to call the plumber. Chances are that your plumber will use a drain snake. A drain snake is a metal cable with an auger on the end. The tool resembles the shape of a snake, hence the name. The snake is pushed into the blockage to break up parts of the clog. Generally speaking, the snake is fed several times in the kitchen pipes.  

Resorting to drain rods

Sometimes, it may be necessary to use a drain rod. Drain rods are plumbing equipment consisting of flexible rods. The blockage location is identified and the rods are plunged in the pipe. When the plumber meets the blockage, they prod it with the rod. What drain rods do is create pressure and force the release of the blockage.

Water jetting for persistent issues

Water jetting is only used for problems that will not go away. The high pressure water  simply blasts the water through the pipe. One of the advantages of using water jetting is the fact that it is not intrusive. Equally important is not to forget that it is cost-effective.