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What it takes to pack and move your kitchen

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Therefore, you have decided to move into a new house. Good for you! Now you have to find a removal company to help you relocate your belongings. It is advisable to work with professionals, because they have experience in this domain, and they can transport your things in safety conditions. If you trust them to pack the things from the rest of your house, you might have second thoughts when it comes to the kitchen, because you want to be sure that all the things will be placed in the right boxes. You should not be afraid to let the removals Wimbledon company to move the items from your kitchen, because they will make sure to not damage any one of them. However, if you want to do it by yourself, then you should know that the kitchen is the hardest room to pack, because there are so many small items, cupboards and drawers. You will have to sort all these things.

Start as soon as possible

It is important to start early packing your kitchen, because as it said, there are many things to be sorted. You should pick up the fancy tablecloths, large dishes, pans, pots and every item you do not use on a regular basis and place them in boxes. Also, you should start eating the aliments you have in your freezer, refrigerator and pantry, because they have to be empty when you ship them to your new house. When the move is closer, you should start packing the everyday utensils, dishes and appliances.

How to pack glassware and cups

You should purchase a lot of packing paper, because you will need it when you will have to place the glassware and cups inside boxes. You should pack them from the corner of the paper and wrap them diagonally. Make sure you tuck the overlapping edges, because the items have to be packed in upright position. In case you think, they need extra protection you should pad them with bubble wrap.

Take care of the plates

When you start packing the plates, you should make sure that you wrap them in several sheets of bubble wrap or crumples packing paper, to keep them safe. You should wrap each one of them in packing paper, and after that, you should wrap three plates in a bundle with double layer of newsprint. If you want to decrease the chances to break the plates, then you should stand them in their edges. Do not forget to put a padding on their top. It is important to mark the boxes containing them with “Fragile”, and to state which side has to go up.

How to pack appliances

You should disconnect them, and make sure they are empty from any content. In case, you have refrigerators, you should unplug them with 24 hours before moving them. Also, make sure they are carried upright. When it comes to small appliances, you should wrap each one of them in bubble wrap or packing paper. You should not place multiple small appliances in a large box, because they might get damaged, place every one of them in a small box.