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What should tourists know about Puerto Plata?

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Having the ultimate holiday depends only you. You are the one who will get to decide where you are going. If you are out of ideas or willing to take up a suggestion, then definitely try the Puerto Plata village. This is one highly touristic destination, one that has managed to impress tourists from all parts the world. It is now your turn to be amazed by what this destination is ready to offer tourists. So, here is what any tourist ought to know about Puerto Plata.

A real Dominican Republic beauty


Everyone has heard of the beauty of the Dominican Republic, of its blue amazing waters and soft white sands. Indeed, this location is ideal for honeymoons or family vacations, but it can also be the right destination for the knowledge thirsty, curious travelers. Indeed, Puerto Plata is one of the jewels of the Dominican Republic, a place where tourists can find everything they might be looking for, from tradition to culture or adventure. Indeed, this destination has it all. So, if you should be interested, take look at the tours offered by specialized companies, just to make a general impression of everything you will find in Puerto Plata.


Enjoying the city

If you have decided to visit the beautiful Puerto Plata, then you might want to sign up for an adequately planned tour, preferably hosted by someone who knows the area very well. This city is indeed a complete combination of culture and tradition that all tourists should acknowledge. Visit the famous San Felipe Fort, an architectural jewel dating back to1492. Walk on Colombus footsteps and understand history. Also, you must not forget about the rum factory. In the end, isn’t Brugal the maker of the purest rum in the Dominican Republic? The San Felipe Cathedral is a must see in this city, so take the time to visit it while you are in Puerto Plata.


Isla Paraiso: heaven on earth


Now that you have arrived in beautiful Puerto Plata, it’s time you were offered a day in Paradise. Close to Puerto Plata is located the so-called Isla Paraiso or Paradise Island. This location is truly amazing, being widely known for its beauty in all parts of the world. Take a tour to this spot, as you won’t be sorry. Once you arrive on the shore, you will quickly understand why the entire planet is talking about the beauty of this place. You can get a tan, do a bit of snorkeling and swimming in azure waters, even go fishing. Imagine how fun spending one entire day in Paradise must be.