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What to consider when moving your kitchen

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The process of relocating the whole house can be an overwhelming one for homeowners, because they have to pack all their belongings and find a safe way to move them from their old house to the new one. It is difficult to move things from all the rooms, but you will see that the most complicated part is to remove the ones from the kitchen. There are fragile items, that have to be handled carefully, and you might need the help of a Residential Removal company in London. These companies often offer packing services, and in this situation, you can be sure that they are handled correctly. However, if you want to pack them by yourself, you should know some simple tips.

Select the items

The first step you have to do when you prepare to move is to select the items, because you have to make a plan how to place them in boxes. In addition, you might want to leave some things behind because there might not be room for all of them in your new house, or you might want to purchase new ones. You have to go through each drawer and cupboard and select the items you want to keep. The others you can donate to food banks and shelters. You have to prepare some boxes with things you will need in the first two days in your new house, because you will not have time to unpack all the items in one day, and you will need some plates and cups for eating and drinking.

How to pack items

Every item from the kitchen has to handled with attention, because they are fragile and valuable in the same time. The first things you have to pack are the glasses and cups, and you will need a large amount of wrapping paper, to be sure that they will be protected when the removal company will transport them. You can use a double walled box for protecting them better. You should place the glasses with the widest part down, and take care not to overcharge it. When you consider that the box is heavy enough, you can fill the empty spaces with towels and pillows. After packing glasses and cups, you should continue with plates. They should not be placed one on top of the other, but they should be stacked on their sides. In this way, they will not be likely to fracture on the road, because they are lying on their strongest side. Before sealing the box, you should be sure that the plates are unable to move in the box. You should pay attention to the knives, which have to be carefully wrapped in paper, before being placed in boxes, because they can hurt someone. After packing these items, the other ones do not need extra attention, and the removal company could handle them. If you choose to let the boxes which contain fragile items to be removed by the company you should write on them “fragile” because they do not know what items you have placed inside.