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Where Can You Find Retro Kitchen Appliances

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If you have decided to decorate your kitchen in a retro style then you are probably wondering where can you find some retro kitchen appliances. They are a perfect way to transform your ordinary functional kitchen into a little memorable jewelry for your guests. People who choose the retro style for decorating their kitchen are usually open and very fun to be friends with. They have a sunny personality, are optimistic and flower-power.

But where can you buy some retro kitchen appliances from? If you are lucky you can find some stores specialized in second hand appliance near your house . You might have a chance to find there a dusty unpolished diamond and pay too little money for it then take it home with you and make it your colorful favorite kitchen appliance. Happy end! Well… For people who don’t believe in fairy tales or those who usually have enough luck not to win the lottery they may spend a lot of time trying to find the right kitchen appliance for them at a convenient price.

Why Online?

If you don’t live in a big city and you don’t have a retro appliances store near you than it would probably be easier for you to go online and have a google search on retro kitchen appliances. If your native language is not English you should try to have a search for whatever the translation for retro kitchen appliances may be in your language. Try to also type the name of the nearest big city. If you don’t find anything then try the next close bigger city. If you can’t find anything there either then don’t worry you can always go for international shipping. Have a search on Amazon.com for all the retro appliances that you would like to buy, but make sure before that you have the international shipping box checked.


Among the iconic brands for retro kitchen appliances you can find: Smeg, Oranier, Big Chill, Gorenje and Elmira Stove Works. Most of these brands have websites and offer delivery in USA and UK. Of course ebay.com is always a good option for anything you could think of to buy. The disadvantage for shopping online is the time that you have to wait until they deliver the products to you. You should always look first for the sellers who provide free shipping. The shipping cost varies depending on the type of the appliances that you want to buy, on their size and on the distance that they have to travel until they arrive in your kitchen. The shipping cost may be higher for ordering a retro refrigerator than ordering a retro toaster for example.